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JISRF continues to participate in CME and other orthopaedic related activities in order to expand its contributions to the medical device industry. The focus of these Activities pages is to provide information and opinion on subjects that should be important to all involved with health care. JISRF welcomes all points of view, please feel free to contact us with your thoughts and opinions.



August 15, 2011

Interesting THA Case from Down Under


August 10, 2011

JISRF Case Report - ARCTM Stem, Dr. Charles Bryant - Surgeon


August 2011

  • John Testerman, M.D
    His first Neck Sparing Hip Implant and the learning process he went through to ensure a positive outcome.
  • Southern Joint Replacement Institute
    A group of four leading orthopaedic surgeons in Nashville, TN devoted to the treatment of patients needing primary and revision total joint surgery
  • Saint Francis Care
  • Surgical Video Production
  • Dr. Lorence Trick
  • Comments

ENews-Update, August 8, 2011


June 9, 2011

Update News - Short Learning Curve


May 10, 2011

Advantage of Proximal Modularity


January 2011

  • Daniel C. Snyder, MD - The Newest Tissue Sparing Implant Study Group Member
  • Robert "Ted" Kennon, MD - Stem Modularity Does Help
  • Dr. Mackel - Learning a New Hip Device is a Process
  • Comments
  • AAOS 2011 Poster Exhibits
    • "Cup Cage for Revision THA" Adult Reconstruction Hip
    • “Diagnosis & Management of Hypersensativity in the Painful TKA

ENews-Update, February 12, 2011


November 2010

Mini-Symposium on Neck Sparing Total Hip Arthroplasty - Lessons Learned


Introduction, McTighe

Course Overview and Concept, Stulberg

Design Features, McTighe

FEA Analysis of Neck Stabilization Stem, Brazil

Direct Anterior Approach, Keggi, J

Using ARC Table, Reddick

Intraoperative Assessment, Keppler - Part1

Intraoperative Assessment, Keppler - Part2

Poor Bone Quality, Bryant, McTighe

Shortening the Learning Curve, Ponder

Summary, McTighe


August 2010

Master Surgeons Interview: Keppler, MD; A Mackel, MD; Rubash, MD

Tissue Sparing Total Hip Surgery & Hip Society Award Paper on Acetabular Component Positioning


Introduction & Overview

Medical Decision Making - Master Surgeons Interview: Keppler, MDl Rubash, MD - Part 1

Medical Decision Making - Master Surgeons Interview: Keppler, MDl Rubash, MD - Part 2

Current Design Features


July 2010

  • A Flying Commitment to Continuing Education
  • Control of the Educational Process
  • Unintended Results of the Gift Ban
  • Final Thoughts
  • JISRF Editorial

ENews-Update, July 21, 2010
ENews-Update, July 29, 2010


June 2010

  • Continuing Education and the Relationship with Commercial Interest
  • Value of Surgeon Visitation
  • Ghost Writing
  • The Value of Continuing Education
  • Recommendations for Upcoming Continuing Educational Activities
  • JISRF Activities Follow-Up:
    Metal on Metal (MoM) Bearings in THA - Surgeon Interviews
  • JISRF Activities Correction
  • Advisory Board Comments

ENews-Update, July 7, 2010


May 2010

  • Metal on Metal (MoM) Bearings in THA - Surgeon Interviews
  • Metal on Metal Bearings in THA - Historical Review

ENews-Update, May 31, 2010


April 2010

  • JISRF to Attend the International Osteoporisis Foundation (IOF) World Congress
  • Surgeon Owned Distribution (JISRF Editorial)

ENews-Update, April 22, 2010
ENews-Update, April 1, 2010


February/March 2010

  • Haiti -¬†Stepping Up and Out - The Orthopaedic Medical Community Responds
  • JISRF Announces Its Support to ICJR
  • Tissue Sparing Techniques Using the Single Incision Anterior Approach

ENews-Upate, March 2, 2010


January 2010

  • Fusion Takedown on a 18-Year Old Male
  • Katie Smith Gets a "Second Opinion"
  • Tissue Sparing Hip Techniques

ENews-Upate, January 6, 2010


November/December 2009

  • JISRF Announces Tissue Sparing Study Group
  • JISRF Participates In Two CME Activities In Australia
  • Editorial - The New Form of Abuse “Bias Information”

ENews - Upate, December 4, 2009
ENews - Upate, November 20, 2009


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