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A Flying Commitment to Continuing Education

As a follow up to our recent July 7, 2010 ENews-Update I thought the following story would be a good example of our commitment to CE. It certainly was an educational process for us.

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Control of the Educational Process

At the 2006 Annual Australian Orthopaedic Association Scientific Meeting held that year in Canberra, the nations capital, there was considerable unrest within the AOA. Bruce Shepherd, John Harrison (both past AOA presidents), and Dr. Allen Turnbull were reviewing their concerns with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS).

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Unintended Results of the Gift Ban

Massachusetts Code of Conduct: Harm to Massachusetts Companies and Economy
As reported by Policy and Medicine

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Final Thoughts

One of the lessons learned with life experiences is to stay involved. That is often easier said than done. I am sure we all have examples of our “don’t give up” moments.

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