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Study Groups

Clinical and Surgical Study Groups for Developing and Testing Total Joint Replacement Implants and Procedures

JISRF sponsors clinical / surgical study groups that are dedicated to developing, testing and promoting new and improved total joint replacement implants, instruments, materials and protocols. The goal of this focus is to improve the quality of life, reduce pain, improve function and increase the longevity of reconstructive surgery for its patients.

The Foundation is routinely involved in a range of activities from sponsoring educational seminars, mechanical testing, finite element analysis, and micromotion analysis of implants to the issuance of research and educational grants.

The Foundation has facilitated the following study groups

Active Study Groups

Tissue Sparing ImplantTM (TSITM) Total Hip Stem Designs



arc-tm-stem-img retrieved-cadaver-section-img
Saves bone in the posted Gruen zones
ARCTM Stem Retrieved cadaver section

Osteointegration Implant (OI) for Transfemoral Amputation
A screw anchored intramedullary hip stem
A transcutaneous, cementless porous coated press-fit distal femoral intramedullary device


Previous Study Groups:

Bearing Materials - A New Approach to Reduction of Wear
Proximal Modular Cementless Titanium Stem
Surgical Navigation
Contemporary Cementing Techniques
Intrinsic Modular Indexable Neck

If you are part of a study and would like access to our on-line resources please select the appropriate link. If you are not part a study group but would like to be, please call or go to our Contact Us page.

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