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Modular Cementless Stem

Apex ModularTM Cementless Stem

This patent pending modular design allows for a large selection of necks to enable the proper combination of anteversion angle, lateral offset, and neck length/leg length, for the restoration of proper soft tissue tension and joint biomechanics.

Clinical Summary to Date

  • 1,129 total implanted (as of Sep. 03)
  • 42 different surgeons
  • 2 dislocation*
  • No infections
  • No revisions
  • No significant leg length inequalities
  • Approx. 10% anteverted
  • No significant pain at 3 months

*The first patient had postop dislocation occur while rising from a low seated position (lawn chair). The patient was treated (closed reduction) with a brace with no further incidence. The second patient encountered two dislocations due to medialization of the acetabular component which was not recognized at time of surgery. It was surgically corrected by exchanging the modular head to increase vertical height. Patient is now stable with no further complications.

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Newsletter Excerpt


The Apex Modular Stem was featured in the May 2002 issue of JISRF Update newsletter.

You can view this article or the entire newsletter.

Poster Exhibit:


September 2003 ISTA Poster Exhibit

  • "Target Restoration of Hip Mechanics in THA"


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