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Foundation History

Joint Implant Surgery and Research Foundation History

The Foundation, through the leadership of Prof. Bechtol, was pioneering in many areas of total joint surgery. The following are some of his early accomplishments with JISRF as well as historical publications that he helped produce.

JISRF Founder Professor Charles O. Bechtol, M.D.Charles O. Bechtol, M.D.

Since it was formed in 1971, JISRF's mission has remained the same – to operate for scientific purposes by conducting research into the continuous improvements of medical and surgical methods and materials, with the ultimate goal of preserving and restoring the joints of the human body and associated structures which are threatened or impaired by defects, lesions, or diseases.

Early Accomplishments

1971 Started sponsoring C.M.E. courses on Total Hip Surgery (first course "Total Hip Arthroplasty" November 1971, 55 surgeons attended. Since then the Foundation has sponsored hundreds of seminars with thousands of surgeons, nurses and industry personnel in attendance.
1971 Published first of many surgical films on Total Hip Surgery.
1971 Issuance of certificate upon completion of total joint courses.
1971 Establishment of total joint fellowship.
1972 Hip Courses conducted every month.
1972 Establishment of Quarterly Newsletter for surgeons.
1972 Establishment of Patient Newsletter.
1972 Hip courses for Nurses were established.
1972 Published film "Surgical Role for Operating Room Nurses".
1972 Surgical film on THA sent to Pakistan for Continuing Education.
1972 Policy established for performing surgery on patients with limited funds.
1972 Creation of hip label pins for patients.
1972 Conducted research on
  • "Clean Room Study"
  • "Study on polymethyl-methacrylate"
  • "Consultation on research with Dr. Buchholz's work on antibiotic in bone cement"
1972 Time Lapse Photography in the evaluating of clean room.
1972 Sponsored research with NASA on metallurgical studies of hip stem.
1972 Published Patient's Guide to Total Hip and Total Knee replacement
1972 Published Patients Implant Data Cards

Historical Publications

Pdf Icon What is the Joint Implant Reserach Foundation and what is it doing for YOU?

  • 1972

Pdf Icon Patients guide THA 1972Patient's guide to total hip replacement

  • 1972
Pdf Icon Patient's Newsletter
  • Volume 2, November, 1973
Pdf Icon Biomechanics of the Shoulder
  • Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, Number 146, January - February, 1980

Pdf Icon The Surgical Technique of the Bechtol Total Hip Implant System

  • 1972

Pdf Icon Surgeon's Newsletter

  • August, 1975

Pdf Icon Nurse's Newsletter

  • December, 1975

Pdf Icon Patient's Guide To Total Knee Replacement

  • 1974

Pdf IconThe Role of the Nurse in Total Joint Replacement, Preoperative, Surgical, Postoperative

  • 1977


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