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Continuing Education and the Relationship with Commercial Interest

Commercial Interest: Just what does that statement mean? It, of course, can have a number of different meanings but generally relates to commerce (trade of goods and services). Commerce now has a bad reputation and the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) has taken it a step further in creating a rule that can restrict the educational process. On June 18, 2010 the Milwaukee Sentinel reported that the American Heart Association’s Annual (AHA) meeting would not allow papers to be presented that have industry employees as lead authors.

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The Value of Surgeon Visitation

JISRF has had the opportunity since 1971 to help organize surgeons to visit other surgeons for observation of surgery, and review of clinical/surgical documentation. We are of the opinion this is the best activity for surgeons to learn and share ”how to and how not to do” orthopaedic surgery.

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Ghostwriting in Medical Literature

Massachusetts Code of Conduct: Harm to Massachusetts Companies and Economy
As reported by Policy and Medicine

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The Value of Continuing Education

One of the lessons learned with life experiences is to stay involved. That is often easier said than done. I am sure we all have examples of our “don’t give up” moments.

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Recommendations for Upcoming Continuing Educational Activities

There are a number of upcoming educational activities that JISRF wants to bring to your attention and we endorse and recommend these for your consideration.

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JISRF Activities Follow-Up

JISRF has a follow-up on a previous artilce "Metal on Metal (MoM) Bearings in THA - Surgeon Interviews".

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JISRF Activities Correction

A letter-to-the editor in response to our posting of May 2010 on MoM Bearings in THA.

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